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Braves 12, Mets 0: Dickey, Carrasco, Beato, and Lineup Struggle

Today was not R.A. Dickey's day as he allowed 5 runs in 5 innings and uncharacteristically walked 4. On the upside, he struck out 3, and one of the runs scored on an error by Daniel Murphy at second base with two outs in the first inning. D.J. Carrasco fared worse, pitching only 2 innings and allowing 4 runs of his own. Pedro Beato followed suit by allowing 3 runs in his inning of work.  Like Dickey, one of his runs was unearned.

The bats were virtually silent, and the Mets didn't draw a single walk in this game. Willie Harris and Murphy each had a couple hits a piece, but Murphy was charged with 2 errors on the day. The Mets only had three other hits: one each from Dickey, Lucas Duda, and Nick Evans. Credit the Braves pitching staff as Tim Hudson and five relief pitchers combined for 10 strikeouts while keeping the Mets off the scoreboard.

As for the other potential second basemen, Brad Emaus flied out in his pinch-hitting appearance, and Justin Turner grounded out in his. Here's the updated chart for the four players vying for the starting gig:

Castillo 19 0.263 0.364 0.263 28 1
Emaus 20 0.200 0.304 0.200 33 1
Murphy 33 0.303 0.324 0.455 37 2
Turner 23 0.130 0.167 0.174 15 0

Wins and losses don't mean a thing at this time of year, but are a few things to take away from the game today.  Beato probably didn't do himself any favors in his attempt to make the bullpen with his rough outing against non-starting caliber Braves. Dickey and Carrasco's poor outings shouldn't matter much as both will be on the Opening Day roster. Murphy remains the only second base candidate who's hitting at all, but his errors certainly aren't going to help.

The Mets host the Cardinals tomorrow at 1:10 pm, and the game can be seen on WPIX and heard on WFAN.

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