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Santana Suspicions Applesauce - Mets may lose ace for 2011, Paulino arrives, Samuels' sitting on motherload

Meet the Mets

The big news from Port St. Lucie this weekend was pretty disappointing, as rumors starting circulating that Johan Santana's entire 2011 season may be in jeopardy. I can't say that this really surprises me, but the really bad news is when you look the chances of Santana playing beyond 2011.

That being said, you can buy your single game tickets starting today!

Ronny Paulino's visa problems were finally dealt with and the anticipated backup catcher made his first sighting at Met camp this weekend. Paulino's arrival kept the Mets from having to resort to more unconventional training methods

We've got some more news from the Charlie Samuels saga: hundreds of thousands of dollars in 1986 Met memorabilia stashed in a storage locker.

Apparently, the second base competition has been so bad that Luis Hernandez has jumped into the race.

Good story in the Times recently about how Jason Isringhausen's new role with the team compares with his previous go-rounds with the team.

The 1969 Mets standings in animation form.

Carlos Beltran has earned himself a spot at #7 in Patrick Flood's rankings and probably a good deal of Hall of Fame speculation when all is said and done.

Major League Soccer apparently hasn't been paying attention to the news for the last couple months.

Around MLB

Ruben Amaro's pushing all his chips in has earned him a 4 year contract

Ever wonder what Greg Maddux's stuff was like in high school?

Bryce Harper will not make the Nationals opening day roster.

Joe Posnanski's Offensive Statistics 101

Bengie Molina is officially retired ... for now.

Dontrelle Willis manages to injure himself in new and exciting ways.

One blogger has taken it upon herself to draw every hall of famer and she's actually pretty good at it.

And, finally, the intersection between Albert Pujols' massive contract negotiations and his evangelical christianity could make for some interesting contrasts.