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David Wright Interview With Mike Francesa On WFAN

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David Wright joined Mike Francesa on WFAN to chat about Terry Collins, spring training, and Mets ownership. A snippet:

Did you think you played well last season?

"As you know it’s tough to put individually your season into perspective when you’re playing out the season in September. I mean that’s not what New York baseball is all about. That’s not what the New York fans want. That’s not what the organization wants. It’s so tough to grade yourself individually when you know in September that you’re mathematically out of the playoffs. That’s no fun and that’s not something I want to do again. I mean there were times where I thought I played well. There were times where I need to step up my game and play better. There’s no question about that. I think that consistency has been the word so far this spring. I want to obviously have those weeks or that month where I get real hot, where the ball looks big coming in, but on the flip side I kind of want to keep those slumps and cold streaks kind of at a minimum and when I do get cold try to hop out of that a little quicker than I did last year, so I think consistency is the big word of the spring for me."