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Terry Collins Interview With Boomer & Carton On WFAN

Terry Collins joined Boomer & Carton on WFAN today to talk about Johan Santana and spring training. Here's a snippet:

Craig Carton: The Mets, across the board, have always said sometime in June and then there was the thought, depending on how he came back and threw the ball, that maybe after the All-Star break. Where does it come from, and outside of Johan, a doctor, or yourself, how can anyone make a declarative statement today that [Johan Santana] will not pitch six months from today? I don't get that.

Terry Collins: I don't either, Craig, and that's been the whole issue. I told Steve Popper, who wrote the story, I said, "Put a name to it, give me a name that's valid, and I'll say whether or not there's anything to it, because I was with Johan the night before at his foundation banquet, and he said he's feeling good, everything's going good, and all of a sudden the next day I hear he may not pitch at all and that is certainly far from anything that we've heard.