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R.A. Dickey Interview With Joe & Evan On WFAN

It's interview day in Port St. Lucie, as R.A. Dickey joined Joe & Evan on WFAN to chat about the Mets' pitching staff and how spring training is going. Here's a snippet:

What specifically have you been trying to work on here in camp?

I've been really trying to change speeds more with my knuckleball. I've been working on a slower speed of knuckleball so I can change speeds a little more effectively. I've also been working on a cut fastball that I can throw in hitter's counts when maybe I don't have a great knuckleball that night I can still throw a good cut fastball in on a lefty or one away from a righty and miss a barrel or two until I can get the feel of that knuckleball again.