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Monday Mets Mind-Boggler: At Least Twelve Total Bases In A Game

Tonight's Mets mind-boggler has a focus on power, but since only seven Mets have ever hit three home runs in a game I expanded the focus to include games in which a player collected at least 12 total bases. There have been 15 such games in Mets history, broken down by decade:

2000s: 2
1990s: 5
1980s: 5
1970s: 1
1960s: 2

Just one of the 15 instances included a player hitting for the cycle. Here's the link to the quiz:

Mets Players With At Least 12 Total Bases In A Game

The time limit is ten minutes and the results haven't been so hot lately. There are a couple of tough ones in this quiz so I'll be surprised if anyone gets all 15. Here's hoping you prove me wrong. Post your score in the comments.