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Puma Sticking To It Applesauce - Collins doesn't deny story, Mets look to Izzy to set-up, Mookie blogs

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Meet the Mets

Mike Puma's anonymous source surprised everyone yesterday when he encouraged Puma to write that Collins was set to name Luis Hernandez as the starting second baseman. Despite all the reasons that this is both untrue and unsmart, Puma doesn't want to back away from his scoop and, based on some of the on the record quotes he's gotten, I can's say I blame him. Money quote: "I don't think there's any need right now for me to play [Hernandez] at second base, because we all know he can play there." At this point, he has to be playing coy to motivate the other guys, right?

As if Luis Hernandez as your starting second baseman wasn't depressing enough, here's an apocalyptic Kevin Kernan column about Jose Reyes final half season with the Mets.

Jason Isringhausen has done enough this spring to jump him into contention for a set-up role.

This video makes me actually want to watch Met games. Definitely a different direction than the classic Mr. Met spots, but still awesome. 

Welcome to the blogosphere, Mookie.

Patrick Flood caught up with David Wright and asked him about his streakiness and some statistical stuff

R.A. Dickey's scream is garnering some national attention.

New York City is turning into a Batman and Robin kind of town.

Around MLB

Another one bites the dust for Philadelphia, this time it's Placido Polanco and his elbow.

How about all those rumors about Felix Hernandez getting traded to the Yankees? It would be a shame for the Mariners to have produced these sweet promotional spots and then go ahead and trade the guy.

Brian Sabean whines that the baseball world has an east coast bias.

As Derek Jeter approaches his 3,000th hit, a significant portion of New York fans apparently have decided to totally ignore Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Tom Seaver, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and recognize Jeter as the city's greatest athlete.

What does it mean for the sports world as teams are  starting to take over the sports journalism world?

And, finally, clearly the biggest reason for the Giants to have won the World Series last year wasn't their pitching, but rather not having a Hall of Fame left fielder getting on base 50% of the time.