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Open Thread: Mets vs Red Sox, 3/17/11

The Mets are in Fort Myers again today to take on the Red Sox at 1:05pm. I'm puzzled by the lack of radio or television coverage for a spring training game between two of the most visible teams in baseball, but the NESN crew is probably way too blotto on their big day to operate video cameras and whatnot. You can still follow along at

Scheduled to pitch for the Mets:

Jon Niese, LHP
Manny Acosta, RHP
Taylor Buchholz, RHP
Bobby Parnell, RHP
Mike O'Connor, LHP
Taylor Tankersley, LHP
Pedro Beato, RHP

And the Mets' starting lineup:

Luis Hernandez, SS
Daniel Murphy, 2B
Scott Hairston, CF
Ike Davis, 1B
Nick Evans, LF
Lucas Duda, RF
Brad Emaus, DH
Josh Thole, C
Chin-lung Hu, 3B