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Castillo's Possible Exit Applesauce - Is race to blame for Met fans hatred? SNY to show Bisons, Minaya talks with Sandy

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Meet the Mets

As the Mets prepare to make another round of cuts today, there's some speculation that Luis Castillo may be among them, thus ending his very weird run with the team. Ken Davidoff argues in Newsday that Castillo does not deserve the punishment that he has received from the fans and Andy Martino brings up the race card when trying to explain the virulent hatred. It's hard to argue that race has nothing to do with fans' attitudes towards players; Castillo plays the game with as much toughness and as grit as David Eckstein ever did, but Castillo is just one of the legion of Hispanic players who will never be earn the plaudits and praises as a certain World Series MVP. I, for one, will not shed any tears if and when Castillo is cut, but that is because he's a 35 year old second baseman with no range, diminished speed, and no power. 

All that being said, there's still a decision for Terry Collins to make about the second base job. Metsradamus allows you, the fan, to play that decision out for yourself

If you couldn't get enough of Met baseball on SNY last year, you're going to get a chance to watch the wannabe Mets in Buffalo for a few games this year too.

If AAA baseball doesn't sound like your thing, well then you can always check out Ike Davis throwing baseballs at people in a library.

For some reason, Sandy Alderson is still talking to Omar Minaya about a role with the Mets. Why is this taking so long?

Remember that really awesome Met promotional video with the beautifully done slo-motion shots? Well, that one was a lot better than this one.

Around MLB

Congratulations Philly fans, you have been recognized by another publication for being horrible sports fans.

Joe Torre's feud with the Yankees appears to be cooling as he's scheduled to make an appearance at the Stadium's Old Timers' Day.

Beyond the Box Score reminds us about some of the awesome old MLB logos. That Brewers' one is truly a work of art.

We have a Lastings Milledge sighting as the White Sox new outfielder slugged two homers yesterday.

Alex Remington profiles Kim Ng while addressing the broader topic of MLB's outreach to women. There apparently is a real market here, or at least Victoria's Secret thinks so.

Chase Utley is seeking some more help from a rehabilitation specialist today.

Dave Cameron takes on Scott Rolen's Hall of Fame case.

And, if you ever need to explain some key sabermetric principles, what better way to do it than in really strange cartoon form?