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The View From Your Seat: A Fan-Powered, Photographic Chronicling Of The 2011 Mets

Now that spring training games are underway, I'll remind everyone of a little experiment we ran last season. We called it "The View From Your Seat," and the premise was simple: Let's chronicle the Mets' season through the eyes of the AA community. All you have to do is take a photo from your seat at a Mets game. It doesn't matter if it's a spring training game, a regular season game at Citi Field, or a road game when the Mets visit your home town. The sights and different vantages of MLB ballparks form a wonderful pastiche of baseball in America. I want everyone to be a part of that and, in the process, photographically capture the Mets' season from training camp to October (or whenever).

Send the view from your seat to and if it's good we'll post it on the site. Include date of game and your section/row/seat number (or location, if you're not at your seat) from when the photo was taken.