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Still Desperate Wilpons Applesauce - Mets need bigger loan, Beltran's selfishness, Harper's first hit

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Perfect solution
Perfect solution

Meet the Mets

Met owner Fred Wilpon continues to struggle to come up with the cash required to cover the team's immediate debts. Having already received one major loan from MLB, there are reports saying that the Mets are seeking an even bigger cash influx from JPMorgan, after MLB has refused to lend any more cash. Good luck with that. I'm not sure that a minority stake in the team will be enough anymore to save the Wilpons.

Ted Berg offers up one of his best defenses of Carlos Beltran yet, while also getting me optimistic that Beltran will return to his former hitting self. On the other hand, Beltran may have had other, more selfish motives for moving to right field.

Just in case you were looking for a good comparison for Beltran's career so far, how about Hall of Famer Dave Winfield.

The Met have not made totally horrible moves for the last ten years. For example, how about the guy who is replacing Beltran, Angel Pagan.

And, this explains why you're probably excited to see Ike Davis at Citi Field this year.

In terms of actual Spring baseball, the Mets lost yesterday while also giving up Bryce Harper's first hit. Met closer Francisco Rodriguez was expected to pitch, but was scratched after having to return to New York for a court appearance.

There are two profiles out there that are well worth your time. Longtime Met PR guy Jay Horwitz got featured in the Wall Street Journal; of particular note is the fact that he has a Yorkshire Terrier given to him by Anna Benson. Also, potential Met LOOGY Tim Byrdak tells about the odd jobs he had to do before he was able to recover from Tommy John.

Around MLB

Former Angel left fielder Garret Anderson has decided to retire.

Brett Carroll is doing one thing historically well

John Thorn may have the best job in MLB: Official Baseball Historian. OK, maybe I'm just an enormous nerd.

Red Sox owner John Henry has ticked off MLB by complaining about the league's revenue sharing system

Good job Austin Kearns.

Nick Johnson may have found work in Cleveland.

The first American to play in the Japanese league, helping to bridge the cultural divide created by World War II, has died at the age of 85.

And, finally, if we think we've got it bad, at least we're not Seattle or Atlanta.