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A Quick Chat With Mets Minor Leaguer OF Darrell Ceciliani

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I was lucky enough to grab Mets minor leaguer OF Darrell Ceciliani for a very quick little chat recently; unfortunately, the players were heading out for drills so I could only ask a couple questions but some is better than none I suppose. We were able to hit on his thoughts on the Cyclones 2010 season, where he fits into a crowded outfield situation in the Mets system and expectations for 2011. Click the 'Play' button below to hear our chat.

Click past the break for the transcript of our chat:

Rob: We spoke at the beginning of the offseason a little bit, how have you been since?

Ceciliani: I've been good, you know? Just enjoyed my offseason to the fullest and ended up getting training ready to go and start up another year.


Rob: Looking back at 2010 a little bit, obviously you spent the year with Brooklyn and it was an amazing year down there; can you talk about it?

Ceciliani: You know I felt like I had a real great year (last) year, just came out and my main goals were just try to stay healthy and stay on the field as much as possible and it ended up going really well for me.


Rob: ...And for the team; you guys made a pretty great playoff run, kind of fell short at the end. But as a team it was a pretty incredible year, with Wally Backman, Cory Vaughn was another great player for Brooklyn; what's you think about all that?

Ceciliani: We had a great year. We had a good group of guys. It was fun, we all got along well and we ended up just falling short at the end. The other team just got hot and that's just the way baseball is sometimes.


Rob: Now looking forward to 2011, do you have any expectations or goals that you're setting for yourself? It's kind of a crowded outfield situation in the Mets minor league system right now, what do you think about that?

Ceciliani: You know we got a lot of prospects right now in the outfield. I'm not sure where I'm gonna go. I know there's gonna be some compeition throughout spring training. You know I'm just gonna go out and work hard and work for the best and we'll end up seeing where I'm at in four or five weeks.