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Oliver Perez Knows He Isn't Any Good

Oliver Perez was finally and mercifully released this morning, and to his credit the crummy left-hander was honest and forthright in assessing his performance this spring:

"They gave me an opportunity. They were fair with me. When I came here they said we are going to give you an opportunity to be a starter and I didn't do anything great. I went to the bullpen to try to be a lefty specialist and the last game I did a horrible job and that's why they decided to release me."

At least he's not delusional. The Mets are fortunate that Perez's results this spring were so obviously substandard, because it's easy to imagine him lacking velocity and control but managing to get a bunch of guys out while maintaining a reasonable ERA through a dozen or two innings. Despite a mid-80s fastball, it would have been tougher to cut Perez if he had a 3.00 ERA.

So now he moves on to parts unknown. I suspect he won't find work as easily as Luis Castillo, who seems destined to make the Phillies' Opening Day roster. The Mets are on the hook for $12 million to Perez this season, though they can recoup several hundred thousand clams if he catches on elsewhere. Teams are always looking for pitching, but the market for a me-first lefty with lousy velocity and worse control can't be terribly fertile.