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A Quick Chat With Mets 1B Ike Davis

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Recently I was lucky enough to sit down with Mets first baseman Ike Davis (who just so happens to turn 24 today). Probably to the surprise of very few people who watch enough games, Ike is a very gregarious individual who is willing to talk with just about anyone willing to listen. In fact, it's his voice more than any other that you'll often hear bouncing around the clubhouse before and after games. Also, the fact that he just turned 24 making him over a year younger than me is rather depressing.

We spoke about his thoughts on Terry Collins' camp, coming in with a guaranteed starting job, thoughts on Ken Oberkfell and more. To listen press the 'Play' button below.

Click past the break for the full transcript of our chat: 

Rob: How has camp been for you so far?

Ike: It's been great. Just getting out there and getting reps in and trying to improve to get ready for the season.


Rob: Now I wanted to ask you, this camp sounds like it's run a little bit differently than camps in the past. How would you compare them?

Ike: I'd say it's the most time-oriented one. So we're going station-to-station and it moves quickly. As soon as we get to the next station we're ready to go. There's not a lot of just waiting around and sitting down and trying to figure out what we're doing. They're pretty organized. You get a lot of reps in a small amount of time...

Rob: I've heard the horn. (laughs) So you guys aren't dilly-dallying?

Ike: Yeah.


Rob: Now for you personally, how was this camp coming in? Because this is the first one where you're kind of established. Last year you were kind of fighting for your job, this year you're the first baseman. So is there a different mentality for you?

Ike: You know it's just more relaxed because I have friends on the team, I know the people on the team. I can just go about my business the way I want to and just try to work on my skills before the season.

Rob: So at this point you're basically a veteran, you've got the veteran beard going...

Ike: I had a beard last year! 

Rob: (laughs) That is true. But so do you kind of reach out to some of the younger guys who were in your position last year?

Ike: Yeah, I mean most of the guys that are in my position last year are my minor league teammates. So I hang out with them still and they all ask me questions if they want. It's kind of separate, we're separated, you know? They split us up in groups. I haven't been able to work out with them and see what they're doing, if I can give them advice. But if they have any questions they know I'm always open.


Rob: One guy I wanted to ask you about, you spent a little bit of time with last year, is Ken Oberkfell. He's gonna be the Bench Coach, he was the Manager of the [Buffalo] Bisons last year. What's your take on how he handles players, his attitude, that sort of thing?

Ike: He's a good clubhouse guy. I was only there for a obviously couple weeks but from what I saw he's a good guy to have on your bench and be able to talk to. He's played the game you know? And it's always great to have someone that's really played the game and knows what it's like to go through struggles and face different things. So you have someone to talk to and someone to give you positive advice. So Ken's great for that.