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Precautionary Pagan Applesauce - Mets careful with center fielder, likely headed to trial with Picard, DePodesta online

Meet the Mets

The Mets have been relatively fortunate this spring with their ability to stay injury free, but that could change at any moment and at least one Met player doesn't think his career will survive an injury. Center fielder Angel Pagan also gave the team a little bit of a scare with some back soreness, but Pagan is expected to be fully healthy by the season's open.

Apparently, a day can't go by without some news about the Wilpons' legal situation. All signs are pointing to a trial between the Wilpons and the Madoff victims and the victims' lawyers are playing some real hard ball leading up to it.

It has taken this long for Johnette Howard to realize that the new Met management might actually know what they're doing.

Patrick Flood takes issue with those people picking the Mets to win <80 games.

Paul DePodesta sat down and chatted with fans via the internets yesterday on Baseball Prospectus

The Mets have made their way onto Letterman's Top 10 again.

Paul Sullivan suggests to the Mets better uses for the $18 million they're giving to Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.

Around MLB

Luis Castillo hasn't been a Phillie for long, but he already has managed to tick off his new manager by showing up late to camp. Castillo also claims that Terry Collins didn't give him a chance this spring to win the Met second base job.

The Braves are planning to retire Bobby Cox's number this season.

Fernando Nieve is not good enough to make the Pirates.

The New York Times passes along some rare footage of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig together during their barnstorming days.

Scott Boras will be the keynote speaker at this year's SABR convention.

Those lucky University of Wisconsin students.

And, finally, Chipper Jones opens up on who he thinks killed JFK.