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Bad Investment Applesauce - Forbes says Mets lost value, Turner "congratulates" Emaus, Boyer can be FA

Meet the Mets

Forbes released its annual report on MLB team values and it didn't contain much good news for the Wilpons. The Mets lost 13% of their value last year, the steepest drop of any MLB team. Other things of note from the Forbes report: the Braves ownership team is looking to unload the squad and the Padres President contests the report's claim that his team was the most profitable last year.

In terms of actual baseball news, Adam Rubin reports that Blaine Boyer can opt for free agency if he does not make the Met roster by Mar. 31.

Rob Steingall wonders why Chris Young can continue to be successful after such a steep decline in pitch velocity.

Lucas Duda is a type of prospect the Mets haven't had in a while.

With Brad Emaus taking the lead in the second base job (check out this Justin Turner quote, btw), it appears as though Met management is shopping Terry Collins favorite Luis Hernandez.

With Oliver Perez signing with Washington, it ends the consequences of Duaner Sanchez's taxi cab accident.

Around MLB

Luis Castillo made his Phillie debut and went 0 for 4.

The Nationals are leaning towards naming Rick Ankiel their starting center fielder and they look to be moving Nyjer Morgan.

Here's your daily Barry Bonds trial update.

Luis Salazar, the Brave coach who lost an eye from a Brian McCann foul ball, has returned to camp.

Brandon Webb had another setback.

Here's an easy to understand map of the blackout rules for your area.

And, finally, you're going to want to read this review of Sheldon and Alan Hirsch's anti-sabermetric screed.