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Alderson Speaks Applesauce - Met GM talks with bloggers, checks out Davis, Doug, ticket sales sag

Meet the Mets

Gather round all ye bloggers and chat with your new sabermetric overlord, Sandy Alderson. The Met GM held his second conference call with various Met bloggers, addressing all the usual concerns and then some. Greg Prince was a little disappointed with his spot in the lineup, but thinks that the new management may have found Port St. Lucie to be an asset.

The Mets are scoping out another injury-riddled pitcher, this time it's Doug Davis. Maybe he can impress as much as Capuano and Young.

There are still some significant spots left open in the bullpen. Tim Byrdak, though, is likely to fill one of them. Blaine Boyer apparently has a similar contractual clause as Byrdak, but it's still unclear how it will affect his overall chances at making the pen.

The Mets ticket sales team needs to get its act together. I'm doing my part with the Met home opener; it's hard to go to more than one game a year when you live in Virginia.

The winners have been announced for the Citi Field national anthem competition. That'll probably sell a few more tickets for the extended family and friends of these folks.

I would be remiss if I didn't pass along video of Jay "Wheels" Horwitz running the bases.

Around MLB

It looks pretty certain that Chase Utley will begin his 2011 season on the disabled list.

The Braves are looking for a right handed bench bat. Nick Evans has been mentioned..

Pedro Martinez is going to the Smithsonian.

Murray Chass apparently doesn't like Stan Musial. Craig Calcaterra sticks up for the Man.

Buck Showalter is apparently trying to piss off the Yankees and Red Sox.

If you couldn't get enough of the Giants last season, be sure to check out Showtime's MLB rip-off of Hard Knocks.

Jeff Zimmerman gives us a pretty comprehensive scouting report of this season's MLB umpiring crew.

Fresh off of getting cut by the Pirates, Fernando Nieve has signed on with Houston.

And, finally, Ozzie Guillen reviews the Great Gatsby in his segment "He's a Great Book!" Priceless.