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Roster Clarity Applesauce - Harris makes Mets, Paulino troubling medical reports, Evans' fate depends on Beltran

Meet the Mets

As the Mets prepare to break camp, we're starting to get a much clearer picture of who's leaving Port St. Lucie with the team. Willie freaking Harris is definitely on board. Ronny Paulino is not. The bullpen apparently is down to one open competition, with Blaine Boyer competing with Jason Isringhausen and Manny Acosta for the spot. Wheter or not Nick Evans opens with the team or on waivers is dependent on Carlos Beltran's health, which is the current target of some optimism.

Speaking of Carlos Beltran, Mike Sielski writes that the former center fielder needs to constantly remind himself how good he was before the injuries.

Beltran's center field replacement, Angel Pagan, apparently has incredibly good eye sight.

Daniel Murphy continues to show competence in a variety of places on the field.

R.A. Dickey is a dad for the fourth time. Congrats!

Greg Prince has a neat article on the multiple time Mets.

Matt Harvey has gotten a lot of people excited about his potential this Spring.

And, here's Will Leitch encouraging us to focus on all the good things that the team management has done this offseason.

Around MLB

Some recent Mets announced their retirement over the weekend. Mike Hampton makes it official and Braden Looper hangs it up.

Pedro Feliciano will start the season on the DL for the Yankees.

Joe Posnanski simply destroys old coot Murray Chass

Tom Verducci writes that Stephen Strasburg's mechanics could be problematic after his return from surgery.

The Good Phight points out some interesting statistical analysis from Branch Rickey.

At this rate, Evan Longoria will have no more stuff.

Nyjer Morgan to Milwaukee

The Seattle Times' Jerry Brewer sees the future of team beat reporters and it's bilingual

And, finally, the Giants' ticket commercials are all pretty well done, but personally, I'm gonna go for the Pat Burrell one in the middle.