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Blaine Boyer Makes The Cut, Manny Acosta Does Not, Jason Isringhausen In Limbo

The Mets announced today that righty ground ball machine Blaine Boyer will make the Opening Day bullpen, beating out Manny Acosta for one of the last remaining roster spots. Manny Acosta, a very different pitcher from Boyer, has been designated for assignment.

We covered Boyer a bit when the Mets signed him, and Sandy Alderson mentioned the Boyer-Acosta battle during our conference call with him last week:

"[Y]ou've got a couple of guys, [Blaine] Boyer, Manny Acosta, who are very, very close in terms of overall results, but they get there in different ways. Boyer is basically a ground ball pitcher. Acosta has the livelier fastball and is more of a strikeout guy, maybe a little more command, but occasionally gives up a three-run homer as he did yesterday."

Meanwhile, Jason Isringhausen has been asked to remain in Port St. Lucie for extended spring training while the Mets figure out what to do with him. There's some concern about his elbow as well as his age, and while a couple extra weeks in PSL isn't as bad as riding the bus in the minors, it's not what Izzy was hoping for.