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Possible Perez Peroration Applesauce - Dickey sharp in spring debut, Cuban not in on Mets, Paulino by weekend

Meet the Mets

The Mets have not won a whole lot in Spring Training so far, but the important thing is that it's not the fault of the key players. R.A. Dickey, for example, picked up where he left off last year and isn't letting that new contract get to his head. And, in case you weren't excited for Spring Training yet, today you get a chance to see BOTH Oliver Perez AND Francisco Rodriguez pitch! As an added bonus, you may get to see Sandy Alderson can Perez.

In what may be the biggest day in Tedquarter history, Ted Berg got to talk to Val Pascucci about baseball and David Wright about sandwiches. Some people, however, are not too pleased with David Wright's definition of a sandwich.

Ronny Paulino may finally have his visa issues cleared away by this weekend.

Jason Bay has been working closely with new hitting coach Dave Hudgens on his hitting fundamentals, trying to stop lunging at the ball.

Mark Cuban does not appear to be a part of any future Met ownership group.

Doc Gooden will check-in to this season of celebrity rehab.

And, finally, Patrick Flood points out how awful HoJo's defense was. I really had no idea.

Around MLB

Phillies prospect Domonic Brown has had a rough spring so far.

Jonah Keri presents a decent argument for why the latest Jeff Francoeur contract was not the worst thing of all time.

Carlos Silva has been hanging around Carlos Zambrano a little too much lately.

A.J. Pierzynski gets pulled over in full White Sox uni.

Greg Maddux had unbelievable control.

It looks like the Giants are creating a pointless competition by putting Barry Zito's spot in the rotation seemingly up for grabs.

ESPN is working to change its anti-SABR reputation.

And, finally, congratulations to Aaron Heilman as he finally has got a shot to crack a ML rotation.