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Almost There Applesauce - Met roster set, Beltran plays, Dykstra for Kunz, Wilpons struggling

Meet the Mets

The Mets were pretty busy yesterday, beating the Nationals, getting rid of former first round busts, and finalizing the Opening Day bullpen. All good things.

But, of course, as a Met fan, every sunny day must have a few foreboding clouds. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Wilpons are in bigger trouble than just the Madoff scam. Their cornerstone real estate company has been crushed by the recession. Former Expo manager Frank Robinson offered not-so-comforting words to Met fans about the situation, saying that this is affecting the players more than we probably imagine.

Let's revisit the Eddie Kunz for Allan Dykstra trade for a moment. First, here's some video of Dykstra taking batting practice. But, more importantly, what does this move tell us about the new management's draft philosophy?

We got an update yesterday on Ronny Paulino's health status and it's not promising.

Pat Misch cleared waivers. No word yet on Evans.

Fernando Martinez is crushing the ball right now in AAA Spring Training.

Dave Gershman argues that Taylor Buchholz could be the best acquisition in all of MLB.

Around MLB

More Philadelphia injuries to report. This one is a 3-6 weeker for closer Brad Lidge. Jose Contreras will close games for the Phillies in the meantime. That big extension for Lidge isn't working out so well.

Mike Mussina will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium.

MLB has worked out a new concussion policy.

What can we expect from Matt Wieters now that all the hype has died down?

This story makes me wonder how many legendary talents history will end up overlooking because of baseball's segregation.

And, finally, Dante Bichette is apparently a really good tennis player.