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Lucas Duda Makes Mets; Nick Evans Clears Waivers

"Bro, could you do me a solid..."
"Bro, could you do me a solid..."

Despite the fact that the Mets have not made any formal announcement, it looks as if Lucas Duda will make the Mets Opening Day roster. There hasn't been any official confirmation but actions speak louder than words on this one as Duda headed south for Miami when the club broke camp this afternoon. The related bit about Jason Bay heading to the DL is also all but certain but again, Sandy Alderson has yet to officially announce any such move.

However, following the capper to the Grapefruit League season Sandy did briefly address the media with the particularly tasty bit of news that Nick Evans officially cleared waivers -- and the crowd goes wild! I have a sneaking suspicion that he actually was claimed but nobody could find him to tell him the news so they just gave up.

Either way, apparently the team left us all in suspense last night because they were mulling the idea of bringing Evans along instead of Duda in place of the injured Bay. Instead the Phantom from Phoenix -- which is what I'm calling him now -- will start the 2011 campaign back in Buffalo.