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A Quick Chat With Mets Minor Leaguer Jeff Glenn

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With spring training coming to a close, I thought it only fitting to wrap up our interview series with the guy who wore no. 0 throughout his stay in camp, Mets minor league catcher and '09 ninth rounder Jeff Glenn. After the 19-year old Winter Haven, Florida native spent 24 games with the Gulf Coast League Mets in 2010, batting just .231 with one home run, he was a long shot to make major league camp to say the least.

However, while training this winter at the Mets complex he received an invite from Terry Collins -- who knew Glenn from his short stint managing the GCL team -- and I'm sure the fact that they just needed extra catchers made it no less thrilling for the teenager. Despite being perhaps the most unknown player in all of camp, Glenn was actually a pretty highly thought of prep catching prospect before the draft in '09, known for his highly regarded defensive ability.

Glenn and I talked about his surprise invitation to camp, the experience of catching major leaguers, goals for the 2011 season and more; click the 'Play' button below to listen in.

Click past the break for the transcript of our chat:

Rob: So what has camp been like for you so far?

Glenn: It's great. I came down early, February 1st and a couple of big leaguers down here gave me some good experience. Then Terry invited me over to big league camp and it's been awesome. I'm learning from the older guys like Thole and Chavez and Ryan and everything.

Rob: For anyone that doesn't know, you're an '09 ninth round pick of the team. And last year you were with the Gulf Coast team...?

Glenn: Right, in '09 I signed late and I had to sign a 2010 contract. So I came in 2010, spring training and went to extended [spring training] and played in the GCL the whole year.

Rob: So were you a little surprised that they invited you to come down to camp?

Glenn: Yeah I was actually shocked when Terry invited me over. I just planned on coming down early, getting some work in. And after a bullpen one day they said I'd be over here.

Rob: So like you said, you're learning from some of the older guys. How about catching the big league pitchers, has that been an experience for you?

Glenn: Oh yeah, definitely. They have so much more experience and everything. They teach me different pitch locations and how to work batters and everything.

Rob: So what would you say the differences are between catching these guys and catching some of the low, low level guys who are probably teenagers that you're catching?

Glenn: Well I mean, the low guys are obviously not as experienced. The older guys are gonna get more where to throw it and more how to get hitters out. But the low guys are still good, they have good stuff and everything.

Rob: As far as 2011, do you have any expectations for yourself or goals that you're setting for yourself for the season?

Glenn: I just want to have a good season, help the pitching staff win ballgames and help the team as much as I possibly can so we can keep winning.