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One More Day Applesauce - Bay to DL, Harris to start in LF, Izzy accepts spring offer, SNY part of a deal

Meet the Mets

While some fans get to enjoy the instant gratification of opening day today, we get to wait another 24 hours to see Jose Reyes step up to the plate against Josh Johnson. One thing we we'll have to wait even longer to see, however, is Jason Bay in left field. Bay was put on the DL to be replaced by Willie Harris.

There was good news from the transaction front though. Both Nick Evans and Luis Hernandez cleared waivers while Jason Isringhausen accepted the Mets' offer for a two-week extended spring.

From the Wilpon bureau, we've got news that the owner is willing to include a piece of SNY in any sale of the team. Of course, on the same day as that news comes out, another story breaks that SNY may be excluded from Dish Network to start the season.

We've got prospect stuff to pass along too. Sean Ratliff will undergo facial surgery after getting hit by a foul ball. His vision is apparently OK still.

Joe DeMayo likes what he's seen from Matt Harvey and projects a path that could get him to the MLB squad in 2012.

Tim Marchman spotlights all the new baseball annuals, giving a major shout out to Sam Page's RA Dickey interview in the Amazin Avenue Annual.

And, John Ricco is at it again, this time trying to sell tickets.

Around MLB

Luis Castillo won't be playing second base for the Phillies. Too bad.

Billy Wagner was finally removed from the Braves' 40 man roster. Guess he is not coming out of retirement after all.

Opening day is  probably a little too early in some cities. I just hope that there's no snow in the cards for New York next week.

Half of MLB's opening day starterswere first round draft picks at one point.

Former manager and Nolan Ryan trade bait Jim Fregosi talks about advanced statistics and UZR in particular. Joe Posnanski responds by talking UZR himself.

Jamie Moyer will be on Baseball Tonight this year.

And, finally, Amazin' Avenue favorite Matt Murton has insisted on staying in Japan after the earthquake/tsunami and has pitched in with the Red Cross's relief efforts.