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A Quick Chat With Mets LHP Jon Niese

Listen in for a quick chat I recently had with the Mets LHP Jon Niese. We discussed coming into camp knowing he has a job, Terry's camp compared to Jerry's camp and goals for 2011. Press 'Play' below to listen; I apologize for the background noise, the clubhouse can be a noisy place!

Read beyond the break for the transcript:

Rob: So how's camp been going so far?

Niese: Good. Arm feels good, it's in good shape. All around good health.

Rob: So what has been the feeling of this camp, comparing last year when you were fighting for a job and you didn't quite know what was going to happen, this year you're more set in your role?

Niese: Yeah it's more comforting obviously. But it really doesn't change the fact that I still have to get ready for the season. And you know, I'm going out there and doing the same things as I did last year to get ready.

Rob: As far as the camp itself, I've heard it's run a little bit differently. What's your take on that?

Niese: Yeah, it's run real smooth. We get in, we get our work done and we get out of here. And I like that. I think I can focus on my work a little bit better with that in mind. It's been running great.

Rob: And then as far as 2011 itself, do you have any expectations or goeals that you're setting for yourself for the season?

Niese: Just to keep the team in the game. Every start, giving my team a chance to win is my ultimate goal.