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Make-The-Mets-O-Meter, Week 2: Pitchers

Here we go, Week 2 of the Make-the-Mets-O-Meter for pitchers in camp. Not too much movement since last week, though I suspect we'll see a few names drop off this list pretty soon (Oliver Perez?). Check out previous MTMOMs here.

We'll have Week 2 for hitters tomorrow.

Player Comment
Manny Acosta, RHP Out of options and pitched well last season with the Mets. It's hard to get a read on his chances, but I'd say a bullpen spot is his to lose.
Manuel Alvarez, RHP Four runs allowed in two innings so far. His most likely destination is Triple-A Buffalo.
Pedro Beato, RHP Just one run allowed in four innings only helps his chances which were already improved by his Rule 5 status.
Boof Bonser, RHP Probably losing the numbers game. As a non-roster invitee the Mets owe him nothing, and with so many other similarly talented pitchers in camp it's hard to imagine Bonser making the team out of spring training. He has pitched well enough, but so have a half-dozen other players with minor or major league contracts.
Blaine Boyer, RHP Has just one inning so far so an Opening Day call wouldn't appear to be in he cards, but he'd provide bullpen depth at Triple-A.
Taylor Buchholz, RHP Three scoreless innings, three strikeouts, no walks. Buchholz is a near certainty to make the team.
Tim Byrdak, LHP Just 2.1 innings so far this spring, but Byrdak is on the short list of potential LOOGYs.
D.J. Carrasco, RHP Unspectacular so far—two runs, no strikeouts, and a walk in four innings—but Carrasco is just getting loose. His two-year, big league contract guarantees, for all intents and purposes, that he'll make the team when camp breaks.
Dillon Gee, RHP Allowing three runs in two innings hasn't helped his already-slim chances. Could get an early call-up if one of the oft-injured Chrises gets hurt.
Ryota Igarashi, RHP He has seven strikeouts in three innings, which is pretty amazing. He's not on the 40-man roster anymore, though, so it's hard to imagine he'll beat out a bunch of guys ahead of him.
Jason Isringhausen, RHP Minor league contract means he'll need to be added to the 40-man if he's to make the team out of the gate, but momentum is building for Izzy to make his Queens return.
John Lujan, RHP True story: When I added him to this list last week, I could've sworn his name was "Juan Lujan" and was a little dismayed that Basedball-Reference had no idea who he was. Turns out his name is "John Lujan." Not sure it matters, though.
Jenrry Mejia, RHP Jerry Manuel is still lobbying for Mejia to start the season in the big league bullpen.
Pat Misch, LHP Has an outside shot to make the team as a situational lefty, but would seem to have more value as a spot starter, which means he's probably ticketed for Buffalo.
Michael O'Connor, LHP Like Byrdak and Tankersley, O'Connor is vying for a spot in the bullpen as a LOOGY. Pitched really well for Buffalo last season: 8.3 K/9 and 2.2 BB/9.
Oliver Perez, LHP Every spring outing has been predicted to be his last, yet he keeps trotting out there, as he'll do this afternoon.
Armando Rodriguez, RHP Likely to be one of the first cuts of spring training, Rodriguez has no experience above A-ball.
Tobi Stoner, RHP Hasn't pitched yet + non-roster invitee = smell you later.
Taylor Tankersley, LHP Five strikeouts in two innings: that's good! Two home runs over the same span: that's bad. Possibly contains potassium benzoate: jury's still out. Still one of the few options for LOOGY, probably duking it out with Byrdak.