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Day After Dickey Applesauce - Beltran's knee still barking, to slide or not to slide, Parnell to succeed K-Rod

Amidst the Mets

R.A. Dickey turned in a solid outing on Monday, even if his teammates' bats did not, going four innings, striking out one and walking none in a 2-1 loss to the Tigers.

Yesterday, Carlos Beltran said his knee hurts "in a good way." With that good pain in mind, he will not DH in today's contests, instead participating in a simulated game, in which he will get 7 to 10 at bats and not have to run. Beltran and the team were criticized for asking him to slide in Sunday's game against the Red Sox, though I can't imagine what the outcry would be like if he dared not "hustle" in any way.

John Harper thinks Bobby Parnell could succeed Frankie Rodriguez as the team's closer. I'm sure the front office would like to agree, particularly if that succession could happen some time this season.

On the ex-Mets front, Strong Island's own Frank Catalanotto has called it quits, while Chris "The Animal" Carter is quite happy in Tampa Bay.

Ted Berg tries to find a spot for Nick Evans. I know I've seen those words before, but that name doesn't ring a bell.

The worth of the Johan Santana trade is now down to Deolis Guerra. Good luck out there, kid.

Elsewhere in the League

Injury issues pile up for the Phillies as Domonic Brown undergoes hand surgery that will knock him out for 4 to 6 weeks, while Chase Utley's knee remains troublesome. Now all they'll have to fall back on a historically good pitching staff.

At the time of his DUI arrest, Coco Crisp was being tailed by his own "secret service," private security charged with protecting his well being. Said duties apparently do not include making sure he's sober enough to get behind a wheel.

A rogue clothes dryer at Goodyear Park, spring training facility for the Indians and Reds, caught fire, resulting in some smoke and water damage. Officials are blaming Bronson Arroyo, who shirked his weekly lint trap duties.

The Nationals and Braves were plagued by a more natural disaster when bees descended on their spring training game. Pitcher Jason Marquis said there were "like 10,000" of the swarmers, though he have also been referencing his ERA.

Pete Rose has filed for divorce from his wife of 27 years. On the plus side: the line on the marriage was 30 years and he took the under.

Murray Chass writes about "pampered pitchers and their enablers," because of he course he does.

The Dodgers had a mullet party, and Travis Schlichting's was the grandest of all.