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A Quick Chat with Mets Minor Leaguer RHP Brad Holt

Paul Hadsall

It was a telling scene when the doors opened to the clubhouse of the top prospects STEP camp last week. Just about every last beat writer made a beeline directly past the locker of Brad Holt, crowding around the new wunderkind, Matt Harvey.

Last year at this time Holt was still considered one of the top 2-3 pitchers in the Mets' system. Now...well now he's not. Listen in as we discuss Holt's thoughts on his struggles in 2010, his experiences in the AFL, his role going forward and more.

Click past the break for the transcript of our chat:

Rob: How was your offseason?

Holt: It was good. I stayed in Wilmington all offseason and I actually lived with Scott Moviel, another one of the pitchers. We worked out together and threw all offseason and it went pretty smoothly. Came down here in mid-January and same thing, it's been going pretty good since.

Rob: Right after the (2010) season ended, you ended up pitching in the (Arizona) Fall League; how was that experience for you?

Holt: It was awesome. I got to meet a bunch of new guys from different teams. It was even better to kind of get headed back in the right direction pitching-wise. It was just overall a good experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

Rob: 2010 was kind of a strange year for you, things kind of went awry a little bit. Can you talk about that?

Holt: It was just -- I've said it before -- it was all mental. None of the coaches -- or me -- could pinpoint what exactly it was but since then, after the season was done it'd been nothing but positive. I've been throwing strikes so I think that's the biggest thing to focus on right now and just kind of clear last year. It happened, it was a learning experience but I don't think it's gonna affect this year in any way.

Rob: Something that's been talked about is your role going forward; you've always been a starting pitcher, have you ever given any thought to pitching out of the bullpen or is that something you're not not really thinking about?

Holt: It's not really anything I've been thinking about. I've been a starting pitcher for pretty much my whole life and right now, that's the role they've got me in. That's, I think, the way we're approaching STEP camp, with me being a starting pitcher. I haven't heard anything different from the coaching side so I'll take it that that's gonna be my role for the season.

Rob: Looking forward to 2011, do you have any expectations or goals for yourself?

Holt: Yeah, stay on the right track and see where I end up. As long as I'm pitching good I'm sure things will happen but you've got to pitch good first, so my focus is just to get off to a good start and keep it going.