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Pain in the Knee Applesauce - Beltran, Utley Have Knee Problems, Perez Defiant

Knee problems are all the rage in the NL East this morning.  The big concern in Port St. Luice is the status of Carlos Beltran's left knee. If you missed it yesterday, he's got tendinitis.

While Beltran's status sounds up in the air, things are sounding even worse for Chase Utley of the hated Phillies.  According to the team, it's "chondromalacia" affecting the slugging second baseman's knee.

If Beltran can't play on Opening Day, the Mets will need someone to man right field.  Adam Rubin thinks Lucas Duda's going to get the chance as he's playing right field for the first time this afternoon.

After stinking up the joint once again yesterday, good old Oliver Perez got a little defensive about what was most likely the last of his starts in a Mets uniform.  It seems the Mets will give Perez a couple of relief outings before finally releasing him.

If you haven't already heard, Chris Capuano is really serious about Segways, according to Patrick Flood.

Elsewhere in the League
Not to be outdone by their eastern competitors, the Brewers had big injury news of their own as Zack Greinke's going to miss the start of the year because of a broken rib suffered during a pickup game of basketball. 

Justin Morneau played in his first game since he suffered a concussion which caused him to miss all of the playoffs and a big part of the regular season in 2010.

If you're upset about suspensions or the lack thereof this year, shake your first at Joe Garagiola Jr., MLB's new disciplinarian

Dodgers Assistant GM Kim Ng is leaving the organization to work with Joe Torre at MLB.

Beyond the Box Score is running an interesting series of posts on remaking the Hall of Fame.  Here's the latest one on shortstops.