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Happy New Year Applesauce - Mets open in Miami against Johnson, Byrdak's entrance song, Paulino's anemic

Meet the Mets

I decided against the blue and orange full body paint in classes today, but I'm pretty sure that that won't jinx the Mets against Josh Johnson tonight. Johnson will have much more to do with a rough opening day than anything I failed to do. He will be facing a Met outfield composed of a guy who has moderate success against him in a very small number of at bats, a right fielder who's bum knee will probably force a late inning defensive replacement, and Angel Pagan. Eek.

You probably have a really good idea of the Met squad taking the field tonight, but you probably don't know what to expect from the Marlins. Patrick Flood can help you there. I hope he keeps this up throughout the season.

Mark Simon kicks off a new Thursday tradition of little-known Met anecdotes with the story of Mike Howard's last MLB game, 1983 Opening Day.

Tim Byrdak is recruiting YOU to help him get taste in music.

I think the Mets have bigger roster concerns than emergency catcher, but you can always stick that in the back of your mind to worry about when you're tired of worrying about everything else.

Pedro Beato snagged #27 in honor of his hero, Juan Marichal.

Ronny Paulino's mysterious ailment has something to do with anemia.

And, LoHud Mets Blog is one of the new homes of Howard Megdal.

Around MLB

Jason Heyward is off to a quick start as Derek Lowe and the Braves bullpen shut out the Nationals 2-0 to open the season.

Luis Castillo didn't cut it as the Phillie second baseman, but maybe Ronnie Belliard will.

Joe Posnanski ranks the 32 best MLB players with Albert Pujols #1 and David Wright checking in at #21. Be sure to log in at 3:00 today for Joe's live chat.

Ozzie Guillen doesn't like the cold.

Bud Selig's next substance to eliminate from baseball: smokeless tobacco.

Roberto Alomar is joining the Blue Jays' oganization.

Jermaine Dye finally got the message.

John Sickels reminds us what John Olerud's prospect status was way back when. Spoiler alert: he was pretty good.

And, finally, two Texas high school players have been kicked off their team and are being investigated by the police for allegedly killing two baby chickens to break their respective slumps. I expect Charlie Sheen's response any moment now. The least he can do is give them spots in Major League III.