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Izzy & Iggy Applesauce - Mets promote two, replace Duda and Boyer, Madoff claims Wilpons innocent

Meet the Mets

Groan. Mercifully, I was on the bus back below the Mason-Dixon line for yesterday's game, otherwise I would be even angrier. But, all is not lost. We've got Izzy and Iggy coming up and Jose Reyes hasn't made a first inning out in 7 games.

Jason Bay is swinging a bat and hopes to be in left field soon for the Mets. Ronny Paulino also is working his way back, expecting to play on April 26th.

Blaine Boyer is out after 119 pitches. Why do middle relievers have such a short leash compared to starters like Mike Pelfrey?

Bernie Madoff insists again that the Wilpons were totally ignorant of the scam.

Spotlight on Cory Vaughn.

Around MLB

Manny Ramirez's retirement was certainly sudden. How about a few important remembrances of his career. Here's Beyond the Box Score reminding us of the high five double play. And here's Joe Posnanski declaring that Manny was indeed a hitting genius.

Rob Dibble is opening his big fat mouth again, this time saying that Stephen Strasburg's father encouraged the Nationals to fire the broadcaster. Even if this is a true accusation, all it would indicate to me is discerning taste by Strasburg, nothing more.

Alex Rodriguez is not the only New York baseball player to have to go through the media firestorm based on the small playoff sample size.

There aren't a lot of MLB managers on the hot seat this season. Edwin Rodriguez is one exception to this.

Apparently, the Giant World Series victory has reinvigorated San Francisco's Little League.

And, finally, Pedro Martinez says that he's interested in finishing his career with Boston.