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At Least Izzy was OK Applesauce - Mets staff can't throw strikes, Alderson's strategy challenged, Duaner back in NY

Murphy doing a Joe Budd impersonation
Murphy doing a Joe Budd impersonation

Meet the Mets

Last night's game marked a few milestones. For one thing, Jason Isringhausen returned to the Met roster and pitched an impressive two thirds of an inning, cleaning up Tim Byrdak's mess. But, more importantly, yesterday was the first time (probably of many times this year) that I got legitimately angry at the team. This Met bullpen has to figure out some way to not walk every other batter. I do take some solace, however, that it appears as though the management will not just sit back and ignore them.

Maybe if all else fails, they can call the Long Island Ducks and bring in Duaner Sanchez.

But, seriously, can we not all rush to condemn the Alderson method after a week's worth of games?

Howard Megdal is curious as to why Terry Collins seems to emphasize left field defense at the cost of right field.

Things did not get much better in the minors in terms of Met pitching yesterday. Buffalo gave up 15 runs and Binghamton gave up 7.

Around MLB

The Nationals are likely to go without Ryan Zimmerman for a little while; the third baseman has landed on the 15 day DL.

Giants and Dodgers fans have organized a major fundraising effort to help the fan in a coma after getting beaten by Dodger fans outside the stadium. Dogs and cats living together, no mass hysteria yet though.

Things keep getting worse for Dodger owner Frank McCourt: his law firm is now suing him.

The Padres are backing away from child dog tag day after complaints that it targets children.

And, finally, it didn't take too long this season to give us our first fan tazing and knightsticking.