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Trickle Down Applesauce - Mets rained out, minor league arms impress, Bay out til end of month

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Meet the Mets

The MLB squad may not have played last night, but the wannabe Mets did and with some success. Dillon Gee pitched into the eighth as the Bisons romped 8-1. Matt Harvey has yet to allow a run in his professional career displaying an impressive fastball in his second start. Then there was the guy who we used to think could have Harvey-like success, Brad Holt. Holt may have figured something out and has regained some semblance of command over his pitches in the early season.

We have some Jason Bay news too and it's not very good; the Met left fielder will be out at least until the end of April.

Ike Davis's long swing opens him up to getting busted with inside pitches, yet not a lot of pitchers are doing this. What gives?

R.A. Dickey is prepping for his first career start against the Rockies and his former Tennessee teammate Todd Helton. Helton has some great quotes on a college-aged Dickey.

Who said that the Mike Pelfrey's crazy meme was dead?

One name is apparently getting serious attention as a bidder for the Met minority shares and it's not Trump.

Ted Berg and Toby Hyde introduce us to Mark Cohoon.

Around MLB

Braves win over the Marlins. Phillies lose against the Nationals.

The Red Sox are off to one of their worst starts in franchise history

The Mets really did a number on Pedro Feliciano. He's due for another MRI after a setback.

Fundraising for the brutally beaten Giant fan netted around $70,000 for his care. I wouldn't expect Pittsburgh columnist John Steigerwald to contribute anything.

Johnny Damon has a pretty interesting choice of words to describe his reaction to Manny Ramirez's sudden retirement.

Carlos Delgado has announced his retirement amidst significantly less scandal than Manny.

And, finally, Where's Weems has way too much fun with some of the new ESPN MLB headshots. One thing Sandy apparently did well this offseason, there are no Mets on there.