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Mixed Messages Applesauce - Collins either rips or encourages Mets, depends on source, Mejia & Familia strong

Meet the Mets

The Mets lost again, teasing us with their early leads and runners on base, but, in the end, disappointing us with another one-run failure. A frustrated Terry Collins sat down with his squad following the game which, as predicted in that link by Ted, is being interpreted as a managerial "ripping" by the more hyperbolic members of the New York media.

Jason Fry reminds us of all the good signs so far in the early season. Of course, people like John Harper insist on condemning the entire squad during this slump.

Mixed news from the minor leagues. The good news: Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia each had outstanding outings. The bad news: Darrell Ceciliani and Fernando Martinez are both out with injuries.

Speaking of injuries, Chris Young will have to miss a start tomorrow because of a sore arm. DJ Carrasco will make the spot start in his place.

Blaine Boyer thinks he can make an MLB squad and has chosen free agency instead of Buffalo.

Around MLB

Bonds guilty of something, somehow.

Marlins over Braves. Halladays over Nationals.

Ever wonder what it would be like if Ozzie Guillen were manager of the Mets? Here's a sneak peek.

The MRI on Pedro Feliciano's left shoulder came out badly; apparently it's actually damaged.

The Dodgers are responding to all the bad press by beefing up security and charging more for beers

Someone needs to do a little bit better proofreading over at the Padres.

Joe Posnanski writes about as eloquently as anyone can about why Manny Ramirez's Hall of Fame naysayers are ridiculous.

And, finally, let us take a moment and remember the amazingly interesting career of Carlos Delgado, both on and off the field.

Outside MLB

We've got a clip from Norm MacDonald's new Sports Show where he gets Blake Griffin to be very very bad at basketball. It's awesome because it's like how I play the game.