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Uncle!!!!! Applesauce - Mets swept in four-game series by their betters, Tulo replaces Larry, give us Cohoon

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Meet the Mets

I will leave it to Matthew to fully summarize the horror that was yesterday. In case you missed the last four days: what we saw against the Rockies is one of the NL's truly elite teams just thoroughly crush a team that has been unable to get its starting pitching going

It really seems as though every generation of Mets have one arch-nemesis; has Chipper Jones finally been eclipsed by Troy Tulowitzki?

Expect to see these types of articles every day if the Mets keep floundering.

In lighter news, Matt Franco got a warm welcome at Citi Field recently. Good times.

In the minors, Boof Bonser's attempt to crack the Met rotation has ended horribly, but Mark Cohoon is showing some really positive signs up in Binghamton.

Around MLB

Cliff Lee blanks Nationals. Marlins slip past Braves.

Ryan Madson's wife apparently agrees with us about the Philly fans. Good stuff.

Joe Mauer lands on the 15-day DL. At least he got a pretty awesome rap for his birthday.

Some good stuff from the steroid/Hall of Fame world. THT's writers all weigh in on Manny Ramirez's Hall credentials and even the anti-Manny folks are reasonable. And Jason Epstein responds to Bob Costas's sanctimony over Barry Bond's obstruction of justice conviction.

The Dodgers have put the hammer down with security.

Brian Cashman's internal censor really has shut down; this time he's admitting to trying to save his relievers from the clutches of Joe Torre and Mel Stottlemyre.

Speaking of managerial common sense, Scott McKinney presents what should become required reading for all MLB managers.

JFK has broken into the Nationals' Presidents race.

Brian Bannister still has not returned to his Japanese team following the earthquake and tsunami.

And, finally, Aroldis Chapman's velocity has mysteriously gone down to the low 90s. Eek.