This Week in Mets Quotes

Counting $141.5 millon can also get in the way

“[Dickey] was always a little bit different. He was always a smart guy, always looking for the deeper meaning of life. Position players don’t have that much time. We don’t get the luxury of figuring that part of life out.”  Helton via espnny

Always with the excuses #traiddavidwrong

"I thought I hit it well. It's just the wrong ballpark to hit that ball.  The wrong ballpark and definitely the wrong part of the ballpark."  Wright via dailynews

Now here’s a real franchise player

“There’s big parks but when I do get a ball, I will take my chances pretty much at any park.”  Tulowitzki via nyp

I think clubhouse morale might be a bit low

"It's horrible, man. As a whole bullpen, trying to keep the lead there . . . to give it away like that, it's very frustrating." Carrasco via dailynews

“It makes me sick to my stomach when I can't go six innings or more. That's what I do. To not be able to do that for whatever reason is painful."  Dickey via dailynews
"It was a miserable home stand." Wright via dailynews

"It's ugly right now." Reyes via dailynews

"Things have to get better." Pagan via dailynews

"You just feel disgusted with yourself." Boyer via dailynews

Hope continues to be the theme of the Alderson regime

"Hopefully, we'll get another couple of arms in here and that will settle things down."  Alderson via dailynews

I think this is a compliment

"They are the guys on this team. Make no mistake about it.”  Collins on Wright, Reyes, and Beltran via dailynews

He added, ‘like say around 54 more’

"It's a big one, very important to me," Rodriguez said. "It's been a long time, and that's what I've been working hard for all winter, to get the first save out of the way and now stay healthy and get as many more as I can."  Frankie via dailynews

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“I've never seen a guy who's a big stud, with a great arm...and great pitches, who has such negative body language…Like he dosen’t beleive in himself. One bad thing happens and then the floodgates open with him. I’m not fucking Dr. Phil but thats how I read his body language.”  The real Julio from Paterson

AA Quote of the Week

“You might as well be Dr. Phil: he doesn’t have a degree in psychology, either.”  BobbyV_Incognito

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