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Mets Prospect Fernando Martinez to DL; Sky Blue

When I was a little kid I used to announce instances of Deja Vu as 'I taped this' moments. Ah the innocent stupidity of youth. Well, if this one was a tape it'd be sitting in the VCR, stuck on repeat for the past five years.

For the 18th consecutive season Triple-A Buffalo's right fielder Fernando Martinez has ended up on the minor league disabled list. As has been the case in recents years, the trouble is once again in his legs. This time he's suffering from a right hamstring strain. And though not quite related to the arthritis diagnosed in that same leg this winter, the idea of cascading injuries at least gives pause. He was limited to DH work early on and missed the last few games altogether; his DL stint is retroactive to April 13th.

You may also remember that amongst the host of injuries that FMart has struggled through in his time with the Mets he hit the DL 11 months ago exactly with a similar mild hamstring strain, although that time in his left leg. Again, it's guesswork when it comes to connecting the injury dots but all I know is that the word 'chronic' has been used far too often when speaking about this kid -- and not in the Grant Roberts way either.

With the Wednesday announcement of Savannah's OF Darrell Ceciliani lost to injury, the Mets farm system has now lost two of their top outfield prospects to hamstring ailments in the past week. Martinez ranked seventh overall in the 2011 AA Top 50 Prospect Rankings, Ceciliani twelfth.