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Announcing The Amazin' Avenue 2011 Pledge Drive

Support CARE

Last year, when David Wright was on a record-setting pace for strikeouts in a season, we made some lemonade by way of the Amazin' Avenue Pledge Drive, an organized effort to raise money for CARE, who provide global poverty relief and place particular emphasis on the role which women must play in order for families, communities, and indeed whole countries to emerge from poverty into self-sufficiency.

The response to the pledge drive was overwhelmingly positive, and together we raised $2,578.04, an impressive sum. I think we can double it this year, so with that as the goal I'm pleased to announce the second annual Amazin' Avenue Pledge Drive, in which we collectively pledge a boatload of money for a great cause.

Seeing as David Wright's three strikeouts yesterday brought his season total to 19 in just 16 team games, his propensity for whiffery seems like a fertile basis once again for this year's pledge drive. Last season he struck out 161 times and he's on pace for 192 this season, and while he probably won't maintain his current kay rate throughout the season, striking out a lot certainly appears to be his thing.

I'll get things started by repeating my pledge from last year: $2.00 for each David Wright strikeout. While I'd love for everyone to match or exceed my pledge, any donation big or small is greatly appreciated.

What made last year's pledge drive interesting were the prop bets tossed in for fun. Some examples:

  • $1 per R.A. Dickey win
  • $20 if Wright breaks team strikeout record
  • $10 if Chris Carter has more PA than Gary Matthews Jr.
  • $15 if Alex Cora's option doesn't vest
  • $.25 for each Jose Reyes stolen base
  • $.50 for each Jeff Francoeur outfield assist
  • $.50 for each Phillie hit by pitch ($1.00 if it's Shane Victorino)
  • $1 for each Wright double
  • $.50 for each Mets win

So by all means, pledge a donation based on whatever statistical accomplishment you choose.

To make things a bit easier to organize this year, I've created a Google Form with which to record your pledges. I have also embedded the form here so you can make your pledge directly in this post. I encourage you to leave your pledge in the comments as well, but the official pledge list will be the form so be sure to fill that out first.

Read more about CARE here and make a donation here.