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The Streak Ends Applesauce - Braves help Mets win one, Brad Holt!, Mejia could have started yesterday

Meet the Mets

The sky is a little brighter today and this morning's coffee tastes a little bit better because the Mets finally won. Even though they were incredibly sloppy and the manager was showing a little panic, I will be sure to remember this one during the next seven game losing streak. 

With the hobbled pitching staff, we ought to pay special attention to the system's collection of arms. Jenrry Mejia has improved enough to have warranted consideration to make yesterday's start instead of Dillon Gee. It all came down to it being Gee's natural turn to pitch, apparently.

A guy who might help future Met rotations, Brad Holt, is starting to seriously turn it around up in Binghamton.

New York native Pedro Beato has impressed in his short time with the Mets this season.

Met pitching has been bad, but they're not really getting a whole lot of help from their defense either.

Is it just me or does Mr. Met look a little bit smaller than last year?

The Wilpons are closing in on choosing a person for their minority ownership stake. Looks like they're all locals who have made a lot o money in the stock market.

Meet the real Sidd Finch!

And, finally, Dwight Gooden got probation for the charge of child endangerment.

Around MLB

Phillies drop Marlins. Nationals take a doubleheader from Brewers.

Some really strange and scary news from the Nationals' Dominican Republic academy as their 18-year old prospect, Yewri Guillen, passed away from meningitis.

In more bad news, Bryan Stow had to be placed back into a coma.

There's no good way to transition from those stories. But, here goes.

Philadelphia media members are starting to turn against themselves.

Former Philly great Lenny Dykstra was arrested over the weekend for embezzlement.

The Twins do a great job of bringing out Jim Thome's inner Paul Bunyan.

Bill James on Stephen Colbert, May 5.

These guys prove Randy Newman wrong.

And, finally, Gus Ramsey has a great Rickey Henderson story from when he broke Babe Ruth's walk record.