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David Wright Plays Catch With Braves Fans

Adam Rubin took the following video before Sunday's game between the Mets and Braves at Turner Field, in which David Wright plays catch with a couple of young Braves fans in the stands. The video records one of those rarified instances where the transparent-yet-impenetrable wall between fan and ballplayer dissolves momentarily. It doesn't matter that Wright is a millionaire, superstar athlete playing for the visiting team and the kid is just some random Braves fan in a crowd full of them. A game of catch transcends all of that.

Any two people with gloves and the slightest idea of how to throw a baseball can play catch. Wright surely had better things to do in preparation for yesterday's game, but he took a few minutes to make this kid's day/year/life, a moment of awesomeness which probably shouldn't be as rare or unique as it was. If Ryne Sandberg or Barry Larkin had played catch with me before a Mets game 20 years ago I'd probably still be talking about it to anyone who'd listen.