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Power Pitching Prospects Applesauce - Not a lot going right for 2011 Mets, but Harvey & Familia are exciting

Meet the Mets

The Mets have been bad. Tickets are getting resold for pennies on the dollar. And the talk about a Jose Reyes trade is getting ever louder. Sigh. What all is to be done?

Well, there is some good news to report today as Jason Bay readies for his season debut on Thursday and as Ronny Paulino is playing behind the plate.

Oh and let us not forget about the young power arms that are developing in the minors right now. Jim Callis calls Matt Harvey the best pitcher so far from this past year's draft. His St. Lucie teammate, Jeurys Familia, has also opened a bunch of eyes with his gaudy early season beginning. In this one limited regard, I will say, kudos Omar.

It is really too bad that David Wright had to be a Met during this era. Can you imagine the legends of guys like Wright and Delgado had they just managed to win Game 7?

Patrick Flood uses all the weird decisions from Sunday's game to illustrate the often self-destructive behavior by managers.

Around MLB

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Remember all those home runs that Troy Tulowitzki hit? Well, here's a non-steroidal reason that the guy is crushing the ball right now.

Justin Verlander FAIL.

And, finally, Joe Posnanski relates how his hero Duane Kuiper played a significant role in his professional development.