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Sigh Applesauce - Mets not good, continue to be bad, I still pay attention for some reason

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Meet the Mets

At this point, the losing doesn't hurt that bad. When you know that the team is going to lose, there is still a little bit of entertainment, excitement, and humor when you see how they manage to screw it up. Basically, I have moved past the "Dallas Green face" and am now squarely on to the bemused Casey Stengel.

Terry Collins thinks that the Mets are just trying to make things happen and haven't caught a break for a long time. Hard to argue there. It doesn't help, though, when your #3 hitter refuses to make contact.

I missed this yesterday, but Andy Martino's write-up of Tuesday's game is one for the scrapbook.

Brad Emaus's brief career with the Mets will contend with Don Zimmer's for the franchise's worst all-time.

Blaine Boyer will not be back with the Mets; he signed on with the Pirates.

The Mets are still getting strong pitching from some of their studs in the minor leagues. Mark Cohoon continues to rock and even when the results aren't great, Jenrry Mejia impresses.

Around MLB

Marlins beat Pirates. MLB knocks off Braves. Nats split with Cardinals. Victorino beats Brewers.

In a potential sign of things to come for the Mets, Bud Selig announced yesterday that MLB will be taking over day-to-day operations of the Dodgers. Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt had been floundering amid his divorce from co-owner Jamie McCourt and the recent story of fan brutality.

Joe Posnanski hops on the Olerud for Hall of Fame bus.

Ryan Franklin may have earned himself more boos from the Cardinal fans.

The robot throwing out the first pitch at yesterday's Phillies game didn't exactly distinguish itself.

Awesome trick play to end a game yesterday in NCAA.

Dallas columnist Richie Whitt is kind of a dick.

And, finally, laughing Pirates.