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Little League HR Applesauce - Mets take what they can get, Alderson pessimistic about in-house reinforcements

Rounding the bases on an error. Love it.
Rounding the bases on an error. Love it.

Meet the Mets

The Mets appeared to take out some built up frustration last night on the Houston Astros and the game's umpires. It was really nice to see the team firing on nearly all cylinders for once, but we'll see if they can continue that. Possibly the most interesting news from yesterday was Sandy Alderson's assessment of his upper minor league talent. The Met GM said that there was little hope of any reinforcements from the minor league system at this time. Kevin Kernan sees this as a sign of a firesale to come (with the Mets wisely building trade value in their assets now).

Oh yeah, did I mention that Jason Bay played last night? And that he rounded the bases on one play without a hit? Bay's return is a sight for sore eyes,particularly Betty Ike Davis's eyes.

Brad Emaus cleared waivers and will return to Toronto. The Mets get $25,000.

We've got your minor league stuff right here too. You want to see Mark Cohoon strike out 11 guys? How about learning about Kirk Nieuwenhuis playing the hero last night in Buffalo? I know what will make your day: Matt Harvey's skyrocketing prospect status.

Howard Megdal takes on Joel Sherman's assessment of Jose Reyes and emphasizes that we should be comparing Reyes to shortstops, not leadoff hitters.

The 2011  Mets could use an 18-1 run right about now.

Got $7.85 million and want to live in Manhattan? Call David Wright.

And, here's one solution for fixing the Mets' atrocious early-season baserunning.

Around MLB

Nationals get shut out by Lohse/Cardinals. Phillies blank Padres. And Braves blow their comeback against the Dodgers.

Big time Atlanta hockey fan Tom Glavine may buy part of the Thrashers to keep the team in the city.

MLB is taking care of its own, awarding hundreds of former players who didn't qualify for the league pension plan up to $10,000 year.

The Dodger management is not too happy about MLB's drastic measures probably because this whole thing isn't going to end well for them.

I recently asked when we will reach the Brian Wilson saturation point. And I've found my answer: when he eclipses the legendary Beach Boy on this graph, we will have had too much Brian Wilson.

Selig thinks that an expanded playoffs is a done deal for next season.

Buster Posey's sister can apparently hit. 

Dickish columnist blogger Richie Whitt doubles down on his whole Colby Lewis paternity leave thing. Rob Neyer backs him up while making Whitt's point better than Whitt ever could. Neyer is right, there is a sliding scale of values involved here. But, at the end of the day, one game out of 162 is a lot different than one game out of sixteen. I don't think it's hypocritical to say that Colby Lewis should have been given the day off while it would be wrong to keep Mark Sanchez on the field because the comparisons are apples and oranges.

Anyway, top end this whole thing, here's Buck Showalter crying on the inside over the National Anthem.