Is it time to trade David Wright?

Yes, yes I'm sure you had a good laugh when you saw the title and I must admit I am one of the (over)users of the "TRAID DAVID WRONGZ" meme, but I actually got thinking about it today and, while I would be sad to see him gone, I think it's in the best interest of the club to trade him now.


1. The Mets are not going to be in contention this year.

We all had our fun saying that the Mets could surprise everyone, but it's time to face facts - we suck. Even if the bats ignite like they're supposed to, our rotation will not take us to the promised land. How about next year? Sorry, but unlikely - not enough high level talent in the minors replacing stars headed for free agency and (probably) not enough dollah to really go for it on the free agent market. I say look to 2013 (but still watch the games until then).

So, 2013 (and beyond). Aderlin Rodriguez and Wilmer Flores - two top prospects both projected as corner infielders. Is it unreasonable to hope that one of these two will pan out and claim 3B in the majors in 2013? Well if it is, screw you, I'm gonna hope anyway.

2. David's best years are behind him.

With a climbing K rate, dropping BB rate and plain bad defense it is clear that David's best years are behind him and it doesn't look like anything's changed so far this year. Don't think I need to go any further in to this, here's his fangraphs page if you'd like to try to prove me wrong. Might as well hammer it home once more - David's best years are behind him! However, that's not to say he's not valuable...

3. David's trade value is still high.

2011's sample size is too small to assume that Wright will have a bad year, a blind man could see that, which is exactly the reason why we should trade him now! Buy low, sell high. Fangraphs recently had David as the player with the 15th highest trade value in the majors; I don't know about you, but the return that Sandy could get for that makes me salivate - just think about the pieces that could contribute in 2013! Is his trade value going to go anywhere but down if we wait till July or the offseason? I don't think it's worth the risk.

Of course, my plan falls apart when you consider the in house replacements for this season - Daniel Murphy, Zach Lutz... not exactly world beaters and Murphy kind of has a position already, but like I said, I just don't see us contending this year no matter who mans the position.


As much as I like Wright, and I really do like Wright, if you want to make a push for a World Series Title in 2013 and beyond (like I do), the decision to trade him now becomes obvious.

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