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Pridie of the Mets Applesauce - Homers propel Mets to sweep, 4 game streak, K-Rod as trade bait

Meet the Mets

Congratulations to Jason Pridie upon hitting his first MLB home run and the Mets first three-run homer of the season. His dad has now received a couple new souvenirs in the last few days. The Prescott, Arizona native is hoping to stick around for awhile

The Mets have apparently figured out their problem and have killed Stanley the toolbox. Well, it's either that or giving Mike Pelfrey a stomach bug every time he pitches.

Francisco Rodriguez's poisonous vesting option is making it very attractive for the Mets to move their closer for pennies on the dollar. Would they even consider trading him to the Phillies?

Dillon Gee has been good. But, what the heck has been the matter with R.A.?

Ronny Paulino is still working his way back from all these random issues. He is still limited in his workouts.

From the farm system: Matt Harvey has still not allowed a run and Fernando Martinez decided to change things up and get off the disabled list.

Brian McRae was arrested over the weekend for a potential DUI.

Around MLB

Roy Halladay led the Phillies and saved their beleaguered bullpen by throwing 130 pitches. That's a lot.

Josh Johnson topped Ubaldo Jimenez.

Bud Selig may have some opposition from the players with his playoff expansion scheme.

The Blue Jays didn't want Brad Emaus either, but the Rockies were interested enough to make a trade for him.

There has been a whole lot of rain lately.

Do we really need to know that Franklin Gutierrez has irritable bowel syndrome?

All you Dodger employees need not worry: Bud has got your salary covered.

Derek Jeter's early season hitting has been pretty pitiful.

And, finally, a few entrepreneurial bullpen pitchers from the Clearwater Threshers have found a great way to earn a few bucks (legally).