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New York Mets Daily Farm System Report 4/26: Acostalypse Now? Ryno Wishes!

*All results from games played on April 25th, 2011

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (8-11)_______________________________________

Lehigh Valley 3, Buffalo 5 (Box). Five zip top of the ninth. It's raining. The Bisons, IronPigs, and humans are ready to go home. Manny Acosta strides out to the mound and throws all manner of putrid slop. You wouldn't have believed it. Now it's raining harder, three runs have scored, and the bases are all full. Teufel's seen enough of this dreck, and... so has the crew chief. "Roll out the tarp!" And then from out of the rushes charges an angry, snorting Ryno. "YGTBFKM!" his face says. But the blue doesn't care what Sandberg thinks, and everyone, eventually, gets sick of the rain and leaves the park.

AA - Binghamton Mets (6-8)_____________________________________

BINGHAMTON 6, PORTLAND 3 (Box) In a light drizzle themselves, the B-Mets hit when it counted (5-11 with RISP) and left the Sea Dogs all wet. Six Mets got a hit and four of them had a pair. Mets take the series opener and climb toward playing .500 ball.

Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (17-2)________________________________________

GAME ONE: ST. LUCIE 8, JUPITER 2 (Box); People think the Harlem Globetrotters won all the time but that's not true. In the Nineties, for instance, they went 1,203 - 2, and the SL Mets can still aspire to that mark. Yesterday our heroes took both halves of a double header, the first in fine style and the second a bit wobbily. It's hard to know what to highlight from these wins when every one seems to hit whatever's thrown their way, but how about Matt den Dekker? So far the 5th round college stud has adjusted well to High A pitching, hitting .333/.368/.500 while running fast and being very good at the awesomest position in baseball.


Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (7-10)__________________________________

SAVANNAH 3, DELMARVA 7 (Box). The Sand Gnats were swatted in a five run second inning -- including a three-run bomb from Orioles 2010 third overall pick SS Manny Machado -- and never recovered. Wilfredo Tovar, "the yin to Wilmer Flores's yang,"* had three singles, which is nice to see, considering that, unlike Wilmer, the bat is in doubt while the glove is not. The Sand Gnats need to step it up in the Sally, though. Delmarva, if you didn't know, is that rather large peninsula south of Jersey that is oddly sliced up between Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

*Rob Castellano, The Amazin' Avenue Annual (Chicago, IL: Acta Sports, 2011), 204.

★ Star of the Night ★

Dylan Owen is certainly a contender. The man who pitched a no-hitter in Puerto Rico this winter struck out six and walked none in six innings. But last night's laurels go instead to St. Lucie catcher Francisco Pena, who had three-hits, a double, and four ribbies against the planet city in Florida, Jupiter. Pena has been somewhat forgotten after an injury-plagued 2010, but he's still only twenty-one and has started 2011 strong. In nine games so far, he's hitting .300 with a .364 OBP.

Goat of the Night

Doesn't it always work this way? Yesterday Josh Satin is named Eastern League Player of the Week after slugging 1.143 in a seven game stretch. Today? 0-4 with three Ks. Oh well.