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Monday Mets Mind-Boggler

Trivia by definition is concerned with details of very little consequence, and tonight's mind-boggler is especially inconsequential. For one thing, it involves the Yankees, whom the Mets aren't currently playing nor will they be playing until the end of May. For another, it involves the Pitcher Win, a stat which is as uninteresting as it is useless, not nearly as meaningful as the likewise useless but far less ballyhooed football (Quarterback Wins) and hockey (Goaltender Wins) analogs.

Nevertheless, our topic tonight is near-and-dear to Mets fans, who will doubtless remember many of the games (and pitchers) in question:

Mets Winning Pitchers In Regular Season Games Against The Yankees.

Twenty Mets pitchers have recorded at least one regular season Win against the Yankees. You have ten minutes to name them. Some other tidbits:

  • Thirteen were starting pitchers.
  • Seven were relief pitchers.
  • The Yankees swept the season series in 2003.
  • Only one Mets pitcher tossed a complete game victory, and it was in the first regular season game ever against the Yankees.
  • The Mets have shut out the Yankees six times.