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Future is Coming Applesauce - Mets have 13th overall pick, Captain Kirk takes off, Wright's long-term options

Meet the Mets

No baseball last night theoretically means extra time for me to study. Weird how it never works out that way. Oh well. Instead, I can start thinking about who Sandy Alderson and Paul DePodesta are going to snag with the 13th overall pick in the MLB draft

Jason Pridie has impressed in his short time with the Mets, but the organization has another guy in AAA who may offer a much bigger upside in the outfield: Captain Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Somehow I missed this yesterday, but R.A. Dickey + Darth Vader = awesome.

Andy McCullough nerds out and goes all WAR-y while explaining the Mets' long-term options with David Wright.

Matt Kaufman argues that Carlos Beltran may be the most underrated Met of all time.

Around MLB

Padres eek past Braves in 13. Phils shut out by Arizona. Marlins remain hot. Nationals drop series to Pirates.

Former Met Phil Humber flashed some brilliance last night in the Bronx, coming close to another no-hitter by a former Met.

This Brewer fan learns the hard way that the world is a creepy place so don't give out your phone number on television.

Congratulations to Chipper Jones on his 500th double.

Apparently, Jose Bautista is not a one-year wonder.

MLB has brought in former Texas executive J. Thomas Schieffer to run the Dodgers.

Tony LaRussa's daughter has been selected to be an Oakland Raider cheerleader.

MLB has unveiled some cactus statues to honor Phoenix's All-Star Game. Strangely enough, there is no mention of SB 1070.

Former Phillie Lenny Dykstra has been arrested for lewd conduct while trying to hire a housekeeper. Keep up the good work Nails.

And, finally, Sara Rimer has an awesome feature on Manny Ramirez, the Washington Heights high schooler.