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Karma Applesauce - Reyes inspires Mets by making an out, Pelfrey is really sick, Mets owe Saberhagen

Meet the Mets

Jose Reyes is awesome, has always been awesome, and will continue to be awesome and his legend growing with every day of what very well may be his final few months in a Met uniform. I hope that everyone remembers this game when the accusations are thrown around that he's not serious or is not tough (David Wright is apparently guilty of joking about the latter).

Mike Pelfrey has lost 11 pounds during his recent struggle against the stomach flu and may be forced to miss his Friday start. Dillon Gee is ready if his number is called.

Forbes has learned a bit more about  the Mets' debt woes, calculating the team's tab at over $600 million which includes a $250,000/year bill until 2029 for Brett Saberhagen's services. Despite that, the Wilpons continue to be better owners than Frank McCourt and have given Bud Selig enough confidence in their management that he has waited to take dramatic steps with the team.

Some small good news for the Wilpons yesterday as a judge dismissed a suit against the Mets for a fan's injuries from a shattered bat.

Ted Berg asks a couple Mets about their favorite sandwiches and their most desired super powers. Two things. 1) Josh Thole just seems like a funny dude. 2) The players' unanimous selection of invisibility reminded me of this John Hodgman story about that superpower (mainly that people choose that one because they want to see naked people).

From the minor leagues: Captain Kirk's hitting streak ends and an opposing blogger scouts out Mark Cohoon.

Around MLB

Phillies salvage one in Arizona. Florida blows it against LA. And Tommy Hanson leads the Braves past San Diego.

Former Met closer and current Atlanta pitching coach Roger McDowell has gotten himself in hot water with a San Francisco fan and his attorney, Gloria Allred,for allegedly making incredibly insensitive homophobic remarks. Good luck with that Rog.

Roy Oswalt has left the Phillies to be with his family in Mississippi after all these crazy storms in the South. It's pouring right now in Charlottesville and the tornado siren sounded last night, so good times.

If you don't want your personal information leaked out to the public, you probably shouldn't buy Yankee season tickets.

It has been 20,000 days since Roberto Clemente hit a walk-off inside the park grand slam.

Livan Hernandez is in some legal troubles.

A wrongful death case brought by Cory Lidle's widow went to trial yesterday. Jason Giambi is set to be a witness for Mrs. Lidle's team.

The Astros have allowed Fernando Nieve to leave the team to join up with a professional squad in Korea. I don't know why we're still getting news alerts on this guy.

And, finally, NPR had a great story yesterday on Kent Koch, a 23 year old college baseball player who is also the mayor of Loretto, Minnesota. Enjoy.