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Greatest Start Ever Applesauce - Mets lose to living legend, Livan is cagey and fat, Pelfrey to start

LIvan Hernandez: great pitcher or the greatest pitcher?
LIvan Hernandez: great pitcher or the greatest pitcher?

Meet the Mets

The Mets were going to lose again at some point this year. It just sucks that it had to happen against Livan Hernandez last night. I don't want to make a point of complaining about Bob Carpenter every Mets/Nats game, but he and FP Santangelo last night acted like Hernandez's start was one of the all-time greats. It was a good start, absolutely, but, the way they were carrying on was just borderline ridiculous. Three runs, eight innings. Although it is all the more impressive when you realize that Hernandez is 60 years old and weighs over 400 pounds. By the way, Carpenter is the same guy who called Stephen Strasburg's 12 starts, so the guy should know exciting pitching.

Back to the Mets. That whole stomach virus thing for Mike Pelfrey won't keep him from starting tonight in Philadelphia. Ronny Paulino's call-up to the Mets might take a day longer though. 

Just in case you didn't know a whole lot about the Phillies, here's Patrick Flood's quick scouting report on the Mets' top division rivals.

The nabbing of Jose Reyes's stolen base attempt was a truly impressive play.

Can we stop with the Willlie Harris thing already?

Rob Neyer is quite bearish on the Met pitching staff. Howard Megdal offers up a partial defense for the team's arms.

Mark Simon tells us about the other time the Mets had a giant on the pitching staff.

Matt Harvey gets cooled down, but Fernando Martinez is still rocking.

Around MLB

Rough week for the Braves' PR guy. The latest is a DUI arrest for Derek Lowe.

And as though it can't get bad enough for Atlanta, how about a possible trade for Jeff Francoeur?

This article about Hipsters and the Marlins may be my favorite of the day.

On the complete opposite spectrum, here's Minneapolis columnist Tom Powers complaining about the wussy Twins.

You'd think that triple crown winners would be the league's top players.

The Kevin Millwood experiment may be ending. Bartolo Colon's resurgence probably hasn't helped the journeyman.